How to Recover Abandoned Carts for your Online Store?

How to Recover Abandoned Carts for your Online Store?

According to Baymard, 69.23% is the cart abandonment rate for the average online store. Despite the high number, it is possible to recover abandoned carts effectively and affordably. 85.65% of cart abandonments occur on mobile phones

This post will talk about how you should recover abandoned carts with effective cart abandonment recovery methods.

What Is an Abandoned Cart?

An abandoned cart occurs when a customer adds an item to their cart and doesn’t follow through with a purchase. For example, a customer may have intended to purchase but a high shipping cost may have stopped them from following through. Thus, resulting in cart abandonment.

Cart Abandonment Reasons

There are numerous reasons why a customer might add an item to their cart without buying. Maybe they’re curious and are checking the total price with shipping and taxes. Or they’ve added the item to their cart with the intention of purchasing, but became distracted and never got around to making the purchase. There’s a separate post that talks about 9 Reasons Why Your Customers are Abandoning Cart.

Why You Should Recover Abandoned Carts?

There are numerous benefits to recovering abandoned carts. First, it helps increase sales. By recovering your abandoned carts, you can boost your store’s revenue and profit by following up with a customer and encouraging them to complete their purchase. Getting a customer into your sales funnel is cheaper than trying to find a new customer to market to. Retargeting ads tend to be affordable and cart abandonment emails are another cost-effective solution to boost your sales.

Second, when you recover abandoned carts you become better able to determine the cause of lower sales. If a product discount is effective at recovering abandoned carts your product pricing might be too high for the average consumer. If customers from the same region keep abandoning their cart then your shipping costs may be too high. You may need to offer a free shipping threshold to make it more affordable. By working to recover abandoned carts, you become a better store owner, as you start realizing areas you can improve your business. It allows you to better optimize your store for conversions so you can increase sales.

Keep in mind that the customer showed interest in the product, even if it resulted in cart abandonment. If a customer abandoned their cart but were planning to buy your product, they’ll be happy to complete their purchase. A mistake that store owners make is assuming customers made the decision to not buy their product. Even offering a small discount to recover abandoned carts can prove to be profitable for your store.

How to Recover Abandoned Carts

1. Email Automation

Email is popularly used to improve your cart abandonment rate. To create an effective abandoned cart email focus on creating an amazing subject line. You should test several different subject lines as this will encourage the most opens possible, and encourage customers to purchase your product. To improve the effectiveness of your abandoned cart email, you’ll need to devote time to testing different copy, offers and layouts to boost your abandoned cart recovery rate.

2. Whatsapp Automation

Email is a great way to recover abandoned carts, however, especially in India, brand communication is slowly moving away from Emails and heading towards Whatsapp. Users are not checking their emails as frequently as they used to, and the noise in the inbox, especially if your email is as old as the internet is going to be alarmingly high. In this day and age, where almost every internet user of India, uses WhatsApp, using this medium is the most effective way to communicate with your customer.

3. Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads can help boost your abandoned cart recovery by presenting customers with the exact product(s) that they’ve abandoned. You’ll need to add a Facebook pixel or Google RSLA on your store so that you present each individual customer the exact item they’ve abandoned. Retargeting ads are effective at recovering abandoned carts, and you don’t need any advanced marketing skills for them to work well.

4. Push Notifications

Sometimes when you visit a website, a button pops up asking if you’d like to subscribe to push notifications. If a customer clicks ‘allow’ then you can remarket to them through push notifications. You can improve your abandoned cart recovery rate by sending personalized push notifications to customers who’ve abandoned carts. You can even offer special discounts to those customers to encourage them to recover any cart abandonment. You’re free to set reminders a few minutes after shopping cart abandonment though ideally reminders should be sent within the first 24 hours. Push notifications may be a double-edged sword, where many customers may not like them, however, some may find them very effective.

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How to recover Abandoned Carts?