9 Reasons Why Your eCommerce Customers are Abandoning Cart

9 Reasons Why Your eCommerce Customers are Abandoning Cart

Take care of these 9 important tips to reduce cart abandonment rate.

One of the biggest issues online businesses face today is cart abandonment. You may be doing everything by the book but still, you are not getting the conversion that you are looking for. Customers are coming to your store, adding the product to the cart, and filling in the details, but not going through with the order can get frustrating for any business real fast.

What are the top 9 reasons why your customers are abandoning the cart and not going through the checkout?

1. Unexpected additional fee on the last step

​A customer likes the product, likes the pricing and adds the product to the cart only to find out there’s $10 additional for whatever “very-valid-reason” there is in order to finish the purchase. This is off-putting. Not because of the additional amount, but the lack of transparency. Many users may not like this surprise and decide to leave your website to buy the same thing your competitor.

2. Mandatory Registration before Purchasing

​Online buyers expect the checkout experience to be hassle-free and less demanding.

Allow them a chance and the freedom to make this choice. If they like what they’re buying from you, they’ll register for sure. ​

3. Too Many Distractions on Checkout

​Do not go over the board with your upselling strategy at this step.

Keep the user checkout journey focused on making their purchase comfortable. Remove everything else. ​ ​

4. Less available payment options

​Use a payment processor which provides as many payment options to make the buyer pick the one they are most comfortable with.

If a buyer has never done a wallet-based payment, and that’s the only payment option available on your website, what are the chances of him/her making the purchase? ​

5. Visible UI issues on Checkout Step

​Users relate the UI with the credibility of the company. Improper form fields, overlapping elements, disproportionate blocks, wrong error messages, typos.. etc.

All this makes the buyer less confident about your services and/or products. ​ ​

6. Lengthy Checkout Form

​You don’t need to know the buyer’s Date of Birth, which company they work for, or if they like Mr, Mrs, Dr or Er before their names.

Only ask what is needed for a successful purchase. Remove everything else.

7. Site Speed & Performance

​A slow site and poor performance equate to a buggy and unstable Website.

This can cause buyers to lose confidence in your checkout or they may leave due to frustration. Buyers are less likely to enter their payment information after experiencing an unexpected crash.​ ​

8. Unnecessary Data Validation

​Irrelevant on-page data validation can make the buyer leave the checkout out of frustration.

Make the form validations very mindful and no more complex than necessary. ​ ​

9. Final call to action button is not in the right place or not visible

​Once the Buyer has filled the entire form, don’t make them put an effort in finding the button to submit this form. The final payment button on the website should be right where it should be, near the last step.

Button placement should be very clear and hard to miss. ​ ​

Bottom Line

​Find these basic issues and solve them as early as possible. Often almost the devil lies in the details.

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9 Reasons Why Your Customers are Abandoning Cart