Movies every aspiring business owner must watch (Bollywood version)

Movies every aspiring business owner must watch (Bollywood version)

There are times when you are not in the mood to read business / self-help books or podcasts to expand your knowledge about business and the skills imperative to be a successful business owner.

In those times, you can watch or revisit following 10 Bollywood movies which will motivate you or leave you with a new perspective about business or the skills needed for running a business.

1. Guru

Guru is undoubtedly Abhishek Bachchan’s most popular movie. The movie is a brilliant reflection of the life of the man who started the Reliance empire, Dhirubhai Ambani. Although the makers of the movie never openly claimed that the cinematic venture was Dhirubhai’s story, the audience and critics who saw the film could scrutinize Dhirubhai Ambani’s rise being portrayed on the silver screen.

2. Bazaar

Baazaar didn’t generate much buzz but it was warmly welcomed by the audience and the critics alike. Saif Ali Khan starrer Bazaar is based on how Dalal Street works and what happens behind the closed curtains. To add some masala, the director has included a fictitious storyline. Although the plot may seem to be predictable, aspiring entrepreneurs would still love this Bollywood movie since it shows what a businessman’s life is all about.

3. Lakshya

If there is one best motivational bollywood movie in Hindi that we millennials can relate to, it is Lakshya. Lakshya revolves around the life of a young man with many varied interests but no clear goal. Sound familiar? Karan enrolls himself in the army on a whim. He even escapes it once- the early morning drills and exhausting regimes being too much for him. He soon realizes his passion for the country and rejoins the army. Finally, his lakshya is as clear as the day.

This story inspires us to introspect deep within our soul to find the purpose and awakening we need in our life.

4. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

Aamir Khan starrer Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar is a movie about choices, responsibility, maturity and competition. This movie is a story about a carefree & undisciplined kid who has not yet understood his responsibilities in life. How one incident changes this young man’s entire mindset. The grit of determination which gets reflected in his hardwork in a competitive environment is phenomenally portrayed in this movie.

5. Badmash Company

Though Badmash Company was not a big commercial success, it contains some funny & lighter moments based on the premise that, you do not need lots of money to be successful at business, but a great idea.

6. Baghban

There has been several memes about this movie. Every parent look at their kids in disappointment after watching this movie. Baghban is a film about an elderly couple, who have lived together for years but are forced to separate by their own kids when the responsibility of taking care of their parents falls upon them.

This movie however teaches about taking the leap despite all odds. This movie teaches about kindness and how love can be an excellent motivator.

7. Nayak

A common man becomes Nayak, a Hero in the eyes of people when he challenges the administration of the Chief Minister of the state and runs the state effectively after he was made CM for a day. The film is about Indian politics and how common people should get involved rather than rant about the corrupt leaders in the country.

Apart from Leadership, the movie also teaches to be ready for an opportunity when it strikes and the willingness to do the right thing in difficult times.

8. Sui Dhaga

The entire Sui Dhaga film is inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Startup India’ and ‘Make in India’ campaign. It goes on to show the power of an ordinary man in India, as he is motivated by his wife to start something of his own. This movies emphasises that Self Employment is better than unemployment.

9. Wake Up Sid

Though it may not promote startups or entrepreneurship directly, the movie shows why it’s important to be familiar with the struggles of life. This movie projects the life of a rich kid, Sid. If not below average, he is okayish in his studies and is interested in only hanging around with friends. It is when he leaves his house due to some father-son arguments does he realize the challenges of a middle-class family.

This movie teaches us about varied perspectives.

10. Rocket Singh Salesman of The Year

Rocket Singh is a brilliant story about how a salesperson through his hard work and determination starts his own business and achieves success. A unique film, though not everyone would appreciate it, and this is the reason why it tanked at the box office. But, do watch it for gaining some motivation. This is a movie which shows a true journey of an entrepreneur. Whether it is about work ethics, team work, losing everything you’ve built in a moment, perseverance and the ability to start once again from zero it teaches everything.

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