5 best email marketing tips you should know (eCommerce Version)

5 best email marketing tips you should know (eCommerce Version)

Unlock the Power of Email: Proven Strategies to Boost Sales and Customer Engagement for Your eCommerce Business

Many digital marketers say Email is dead, however, the stats from a recent study shows more than half of the participants prefer brand communication over email over any other channel.

An email has proven to increase ROI and connects with the audiences if done the right way. Here are 5 tips that you can follow right away to make your email campaigns better.

1. The Subject Line

The subject line is more important than the email content itself. Subject lines are no less than the pickup lines or a teaser to an upcoming movie. No matter how engaging your email content is, the subscriber won’t open the email with a dull subject line. Research shows that 64% of subscribers open emails based on the subject line alone. So, make sure your subject line grabs the attention of your recipients.

You can make the subject line catchy and interesting with these simple improvements

  • Make your subject lines clear and concise. Use no more than 60 characters; this is also important for mobile viewers.

  • Personalize your subject lines with each customer’s name or location.

  • Test different words and phrases to check what your audience prefers.

  • Use emojis to add fun to your subject lines, but avoid overusing them.

2. Content is King

Content is no longer just a King, it’s an entire Kingdom in today’s era. Don’t shoot email for the sake of doing so. Just because you have to send your weekly newsletter, don’t send something which may not be compelling for your audience. When reviewing your email, be critical of these 2 points. (1) What are the takeaways from this email for my subscribers? & (2) What value can my subscribers derive from the email content?

3. Avoid Jargon and/or Complex Language

The email should not feel like a presentation deck, instead, its purpose is to connect and engage with your subscribers. Like having a real conversation. Keep the email short and simple. Refer to their pain points and make it sound as if your email is written just for them, not for the whole database of customers.

4. Simple Minimal Email design

Do not make the email your artboard of abstract design. Think minimal and keep only subtle colours and infographics. Use lightweight images with no more than 1MB (all combined), with hyperlinks to correct places.

Also, most users check their emails from mobile phones, so not ensuring the responsiveness of the template will be a big mistake. Ensure the email templates are tested thoroughly tested for both Desktop and Mobile screens.

Ensure your Call to Action button is clear and takes the user where it is supposed to.

5. Do not send your emails 10 am

Many companies send their emails at 10 am, and you don’t want to join the line. Also, please don’t send the emails in the middle of the night.

Send an email between 11 am to 4 pm and keep experimenting with your responses to find the sweet spot which works best for you. Frequency is equally important as Timing. Do not send 3 emails a day. Quality over Quantity should be the motto you must follow. Once a week is enough if your content will bring value to your subscribers. Send them an insider deal, or a weekend offer, which makes them believe they made a good decision by subscribing to your mailing list.

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